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Sri Lanka Tourism Rolls Out Ambitious Global Campaign: After a 16-Year Wait

Sri Lanka began a global campaign with an ambitious two-phased strategy aimed at transforming the country’s perception and positioning it as a premier travel destination. With an investment of Rs. 1.6 billion, the global campaign had a short-term, three-month campaign that commenced on the first of September, while the thematic long-term promotion was scheduled for January 2024 onwards.

In the first phase, the focus was on addressing negative perceptions surrounding the destination, with the tagline “Sri Lanka is ready to check-in.” This immediate push aimed to counter negative publicity and create awareness that Sri Lanka was prepared to welcome the world, and promote the country’s diverse attractions. The second phase of the campaign, set to unfold in January 2024, featured the thematic tagline “You’ll come back for more,” encapsulating the multifaceted charm of Sri Lanka that left a lasting impression on travellers.

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