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Sri Lanka wins the title of ‘Asia’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination’ at the World Travel Awards 2020 – the best of Ceylon

Pristine coastlines stretch for miles on end while the waters of the cobalt blue ocean slap against the shores. Venturing inland greenery gets richer and richer with wildlife lurking in every nook and corner of the jungles and arid zones. Yes, this is The Pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka.

World Travel Awards 2020 has been recognising Sri Lanka’s adventure potential since 2017 and thus the country has been awarded this title 4 years in a row. Sri Lanka managed to keep the title while competing with big countries like China, Thailand, Nepal, India and Japan. The country offers hikers, wildlife lovers and water sports lovers an array of thrills that has put Sri Lanka on the map with international travellers. Tissamaharama hotels the likes of Kithala Resort are situated in the midst of wildlife activity which is a unique expereince.