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Streamlined Travel: UAE-Armenia Agreement Offers Visa-Free Access

The allure of the UAE as a top-tier travel destination is undeniable, with its record-breaking attractions and breathtaking vistas. Now, a bilateral agreement between the UAE and Armenia has further elevated the appeal for citizens of the Asian country. Effective February 1, citizens of the Republic of Armenia can seamlessly explore Abu Dhabi and enjoy stays at 5 star hotels in Abu Dhabi the likes of Anantara Eastern Mangroves Abu Dhabi Hotel without the burden of visa paperwork. This reciprocal agreement extends the privilege to UAE citizens, allowing them visa-free travel to Armenia for up to 180 days annually.

Armenia joins a select group of countries, including Turkey, Uzbekistan, and Kosovo, offering visa-free travel to UAE citizens. For those contemplating a journey to Armenia, Wizz Air facilitates direct flights to Yerevan, a city steeped in history and charm, merely three hours and thirty minutes away from Abu Dhabi. Explore ancient roots at the Erebuni Museum Archaeological Preserve or capture quaint moments in the cobble-stoned Kond District, adorned with captivating street art—a testament to Yerevan’s picturesque allure.