Tet Festival – Celebrating Vietnam’s Traditional New Year

Known as Tet, Tet Nguyen Dan is a festival that marks the traditional New Year in Vietnam. Considered the most popular festival in the country, Tet is celebrated according to dates on the Lunar Calendar; according to this calendar the first day of the first month for 2015 falls on February 19th and includes holidays for several days before and after this special day. Travellers in search of a laidback festival experience can stay at a resort Quy Nhon has to offer such as AVANI Quy Nhon Resort & Spa.

During this festival locals not only welcome the dawning of a New Year, but also pay respect to their ancestors. Typical activities before the festival include cleaning of homes and utensils, repainting rooms and even decorating houses with a variety of vibrant flowers. Special attention is paid to the ancestral altar, specific rituals are observed and distinctive dishes are prepared during the Tet festival as well.