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Thailand’s Visa-Free Travel opens the country to more visits – Highlighting underrated destinations

Thailand remains a highly favoured destination among Indian travellers, renowned for its diverse attractions that include pristine beaches, historic temples, and world-famous massages. While Bangkok and Pattaya are popular, there are several lesser-explored destinations that offer unique experiences, especially during the visa-free travel period, with hotels in Khon Kaen such as the likes of the Avani Khon Kaen and Convention Centre.

Mae Hong Son, near the Thailand-Myanmar border, boasts a picturesque landscape with mountains and lush forests, providing opportunities for activities like hiking, boating, and relaxing in hot springs. Khao Yai, a must-visit for nature enthusiasts, is home to Khao Yai National Park, one of Thailand’s largest wildlife reserves, offering a chance to explore diverse ecosystems and observe native wildlife.