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The Contribution of Elephants to Thailand’s Tourism Industry and the Impacts of COVID-19

While tourism flourishes once again in Thailand as tourists flock to any hotel in Bangkok Sukhumvit, one must keep in mind the major contributing factors to the country’s tourism industry. Therefore, when planning your vacation in Avani Sukhumvit Bangkok Hotel, keep in mind that a visit to the country’s beloved animal, elephants would be a refreshing experience.

Thailand is known to be at the advantage of over 3000 elephants’ contribution to their tourism industry, with most of them being under the care of private owners, unlike in other countries. As COVID-19 resulted in an unexpected turn of events, these owners were faced with great difficulty in maintaining these elephants, reports BBC on the 3rd of January 2023. However, with the pandemic, the elephant population has been growing and concerns have risen regarding the ethical treatment of these creatures as elephant refuge parks took steps to no longer treat these animals as sources of entertainment.