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Bathala (Maldives)

The Maldives Offers New Travel Initiatives – Country Continues to Attract Tourists

In a bid to attract more tourists and encourage them to visit, the Maldives has implemented a series of initiatives over the last few months. This includes the launching of Maldives Border Miles on 1st December 2020; this special scheme is designed to reward travellers who frequently holiday here and is divided into three tiers, namely gold, silver and bronze categories.

Through this initiative, visitors have the chance of gaining benefits and privileges by earning points each time they visit the Maldives; villas on private island resorts like Kuramathi Maldives provide ideal accommodation options for those looking to travel under the scheme which offers more points depending on factors like duration of the stay. Additional measures taken by the country to encourage tourists in recent months include allowing “split stays” at more than one resort and the introduction of a COVID-19 insurance policy for travellers.