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The Maldives to Construct 5000 Floating Houses

Although the Maldives is famed for resort vacations in lodgings like Atmosphere Kanifushi, laidback holidays are not the sole offering by this island nation. While inviting tourists to enjoy warm and cosy vacations at luxury villas in Maldives, travellers will soon be able to witness a futuristic project that has received the green light to commence. The first floating city in the Maldives will shelter 5000 floating housing units, which has been introduced as a solution to the shrinking landmass of the island.

The floating city will be a 15-minute boat ride from the Male International Airport. On the 8th of July 2022, Forbes reported that the project will be influenced by the ‘Integrated Tourism Model’ and include houses, shops, restaurants, and hotels, a modern and sustainable approach to address the challenges posed by nature.