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The Maldives to Reclaim Land to Strengthen Tourism

The Maldives is on a mission to tackle land shortage and sinkage with shore protection and land reclamation scheme. The project is aimed to fight the low-lying nation’s vulnerabilities, which will boost tourism and arrivals in Maldives 4 star resorts. Therefore, the project arrives as good news to existing hotels like Holiday Inn Kandooma Maldives, as well as for potential investors hoping to build more resorts in this tropically glorified archipelago of islands.

The project aims to build three new resorts in the southern atoll of Addu city with sand dredged from a lagoon, covering 480 acres of land, as stated by Van Oord, a Dutch marine contractor. The scheme is set to be funded by an Indian bank and will cost a total of 147.1 million dollars, setting the island nation on safe grounds with land sufficient to survive for the next 50-100 years.