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The Maldives will not allow large gathering events – Adopting to new normal!

The Maldives started accepting foreign travellers in 2020 itself and now is receiving a good number of daily arrivals from almost all parts of the world. Every Maldives luxury resort the likes of Kandolhu Maldives now operates under strict health and safety supervision. The government also allowed event organisers to organise events in the country after declaring their capacity limits.

However, the UEFA Euro Championship was held recently, and the government had issued a public notice stating that the general public will not be allowed to set up large gatherings to watch these events. Prior to the pandemic, the general public was said to set up large screens on empty grounds in order to watch the events broadcasted gathered together. The government had stated that this action is taken merely for the safety of everyone and that everyone should follow social distancing whenever they leave their homes.