The US Reduces Travel Advisory Warning to Sri Lanka – Boosting Traveller Confidence

Image Credit: Anantara Kalutara Resort

In June, the United States of America changed its travel advisory to Sri Lanka from level 3 to level 2; while level 3 asks citizens to reconsider heading to a country, the level 2 advisory is one that urges exercising increased caution. The initial travel advisory was put into place following the Easter day terrorist attacks which in turn led to many foreign nationals returning to their homelands.

Following these attacks, the island’s tourism sector understandably took a major hit with tourist arrivals taking a downward turn. However, this recent downgrading of travel advisory levels, which has also been followed by other countries, is paving the way for boosting traveller confidence. It is hoped that arrivals will start increasing as tourists continue to enjoy a range of accommodation options; be it at a budget hotel or a luxury villa in Sri Lanka the likes of those at Anantara Kalutara Resort the country has much to offer.