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Tour Guides in China Turn to ‘Cloud Tourism’ – Destinations Promoted Through Live Streaming

Due to reduced visitor numbers and to promote certain key sites, tour guides in China have been turning to ‘cloud tourism’; this was highlighted in the online edition of the South China Morning Post on 4th May 2022 which featured examples of local tour guides using live streaming to showcase popular natural attractions like Huangshan Park. As mentioned, some city governments have also provided live-streaming classes for tour guides for them to learn and make use of this virtual option to engage and attract visitors.

While international arrivals are yet to pick up, China boasts a strong domestic tourism market that has given the industry a boost over the last few years following the pandemic. Amongst the popular destinations to visit is the port city of Ningbo; apartments in China that have implemented strict health and hygiene protocols can be found here at properties like Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Ningbo where travellers can enjoy worry-free and safe stays too.