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Tourism Ministry Promotes Split-Stays between Multiple Resorts

For a Longer Stay in Paradise

The Ministry of Tourism in the Maldives has granted permission for split-stays for those that cannot seem to make up their mind onwhere to stay in Maldives. According to the ministry, the aim of this initiative is to facilitate tourists to spend longer durations in the Maldives and at the same time enjoy downtime at more than one resort. Reservations for split-stays can only be made at properties such as Reethi Faru Resort that meet requirements dictated under the country’s Health Protection Agency’s split-stay guidelines. In addition, travellers who are looking forward to split-stays are required to submit requests to the Tourism Ministry two days before they arrive in the country.

With effect from 10th September, all travellers and short-term visitors to the Maldives were required to possess a negative PCR test on arrival to the country.