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Travel Guide to Brisbane

Travelling in Queensland Post COVID19

Image Via Pixabay

The city of Brisbane is working on making all activities available for travellers, but the process is slow as everything must be reviewed in terms of the pandemic and safety precautions brought about against the spread by the Australian government. Travellers to the city are encouraged to get themselves tested at the earliest opportunity and carry proof of test with them at all times, to ensure that they are doing their bit to keep communities safe.

Brisbane is a well-balanced city located in south-east Queensland getting lots of sunshine annually and being a great shopping destination, has plenty of great hotels the likes of Oaks Brisbane Festival Suites with state-of-the-art restaurants and great cultural sites to visit.

Post-COVID19, visitors planning to enter Queensland will need to book hotel accommodation in Brisbane CBD or other areas of the city beforehand and follow all the imposed rules of social distancing, masks and temperature checks.