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Travelling to the Maldives in the Second Half of 2022

As COVID-19 restrictions have begun to ease out all over the world, most tourists are on the lookout for the best family resort in the Maldives for much-needed recreation and bonding time with their loved ones. The recent developments in tourism have created a positive impact on resorts like OBLU SELECT Sangeli Maldives, as tourists can travel without hassle or fear.

As mentioned in the US Mission to Maldives page on the United States of America, Department of State website, the Maldives no longer requires a negative PCR for traveller entry into their country. However, all travellers are required to fill out a Traveller Health Declaration (THD) form 72 hours before their arrival in the archipelago, which can simply be submitted online. Additionally, the Maldives also provides a 30-day on-arrival visa for tourists.