Ultimate Travel Guide to Hong Kong – A Magnet for Leisure Seekers

Hong Kong is always an interesting place to visit, offering many enjoyable attractions for the visitor. Visitors of all ages will be enthralled by the many engrossing features that you will find here.

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Ocean Park

Families with kids especially will be captivated by the splendid Ocean Park, which has the distinction of being one of the finest aquariums and theme parks in the entirety of Southeast Asia. It is also a recognized centre for marine education, providing interesting as well as educational experiences for children. Covering an extent of no less than 170 acres, Ocean Park is also ranked amongst the world’s biggest parks of its kind. The remarkable Ocean Square is one of this park’s outstanding attractions. One of the highlights here is Aqua City which features the splendid Grand Aquarium, a three-storey building which contains a myriad of ocean creatures. You will also be enthralled by the Lagoon, where you will be able to enjoy a vibrant fountain show in the evenings. Kids will be entranced by the lively Skyfair Celebrations which include skilled acrobats, talented jugglers and amusing clowns that create a carnival atmosphere. Not to be missed is the attractive Amazing Asian Animals section, which features two endearing pandas that are very popular amongst visitors. Another splendid attraction is the Ocean Express Waterfront Station, where you will have the opportunity to take an enjoyable train ride to which will especially appeal to children. If you continue to the picturesque waterfront you will be able to enjoy the Whiskers Harbour area. Here you will find the Whiskers Theatre with its Sea Lion Fun Time and Mini Bird Show. Other noteworthy attractions at the park include the Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium, Sea Jelly Spectacular, Ocean Park Tower and the Ocean Theatre. Additionally, you will also find many exciting rides at this park.

Victoria Harbour

No trip to Hong Kong would be complete without visiting the attractive Victoria Harbour. This beautiful harbour is, in fact, one of the largest of its kind in the world and always makes an impression on the visitor. As you might expect, a host of interesting watercraft frequent this harbour, including cruise liners, ferries, wooden fishing boats and cargo vessels at all times of the day as well as night. Many visitors, as well as residents, spend leisure time at the harbour’s promenades. Victoria Harbour is renowned for the spectacular views it offers of the local skyline. At night you will be able to see the numerous lights that emanate from the array of skyscrapers rising over Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula. A major attraction at the Harbour is the Symphony of Lights, an amazing sound and light show that involves over 40 towering skyscrapers. Visitors should also make it a point to explore the scenic Victoria Peak, which provides excellent views of the harbour. This mountain which has the distinction of being the highest point in the city offers splendid views of the harbour and its activities. Another opportunity that is sure to be a memorable experience would be to take a ferry cruise on the harbour. In this regard, an excellent option would be Duk Ling, which is a meticulously restored genuine Chinese junk which has provided harbour cruises for many years. Another fine alternative would be Star Ferry, an operator which offers well-reputed enjoyable cruises. Star Ferry and many other Hong Kong attractions can be conveniently accessed whilst staying at The Murray Hong Kong which is one of the best hotels in Hong Kong.

Disneyland Resort

The always magical Disneyland Resort situated at Lantau Island is sure to capture the imagination of the young and the young at heart. As you might expect at the world’s latest Disneyland you will find a host of alluring attractions at this theme park. Children will naturally be enthralled to meet all their favourite cartoon characters at this meticulously designed wonderland. A popular attraction at Hong Kong Disneyland is the charming ‘Main Street U.S.A.’ which will transport you to an American town of the early part of the 20th century. You will be captivated by the gas lamps, quaint buildings, railroads and old taxicabs that make this feature very realistic. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the special foods and shopping attractions that you will find here. On the other hand, Adventureland will take you to seemingly uncharted regions where you will encounter creatures like elephants, cobras, hippos, orang-utans and more. Meanwhile, the Festival of the Lion King will entrance you with its vibrant music and entertaining dance performances.