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Vietnamese tourism moves to a new stage of development in 2021 – Towards a prosperous time…

Having faced massive losses in 2020 due to the COVID -19 pandemic, Vietnam is now looking forward to coming up with creative and safe strategies to uplift the tourism industry. The vaccination program has also started within the country, and this has made the hopes of a prosperous future shine bright. The vaccine will be first given to the front liners in the health sector, as per the reports.

Travellers can now do their Vietnam train booking to indulge in the authentic culture, scenic beauty, and the heritage charm of the country, thanks to novel concepts like The Vietage. In addition to this, the tourism industry has adopted many other attractive concepts to mark a change. The industry is focusing on more virtual services today, and the authorities try their best to make sure that no risk prevails in whatever they do.

Image via The Vietage