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Vinayaka Chaturthi Festival- Celebrating the birth of Lord Ganesh in Chennai

Considered as one of the important festivals in India, the Vinayaka Chaturthi Festival is held every year in August or September for a period of 11 days where thousands of devotees gather around to celebrate the birth of Lord Ganesh. This year the festival was held on the 29th of August and was a colourful sight to see. Many travellers holidaying or attending business affairs at Chennai Service Apartments such as Somerset Greenways Chennai had the opportunity to witness this spectacular event.

The festival which was only a family affair back in the days, is now celebrated in grand scale throughout the country where families get together to sing and offer sweetmeats and red flowers to clay or paper based statues of Lord Ganesh and later on these idols are submerged in seas or rivers. Although celebrations in Chennai are quite smaller compared to Maharashtra, large life size statues were taken in a procession on the streets of Chennai and afterwards immersed in the Bay of Bengal.