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Visit New Zealand’s Coolest City – Wellington in Winter 2020

Thanks to yet another day of New Zealand reporting no more new cases of Corona virus, the country is slowly lifting its restrictions and going back to the usual business, but with caution and a much more responsible approach to business, education and more importantly, travel health and safety.

The best hotels in Wellington will soon begin to see, a steady albeit slow, an uptick of bookings as travellers from around the world come out of quarantine and lockdown situations and are looking to head to destinations far away from their cities and homes.

Some of these tourists will consider winter in Wellington over summer in the western hemisphere where the beaches will start getting crowded and the heat, unbearable.

Wellington is a picturesque city with luxury hotels such as Oaks Wellington Hotel, a burgeoning arts scene, lots of classy malls to get some long-desired shopping done as well as a plethora of ritzy cafés, restaurants and eateries.