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Winter Solstice 2015- when the days are short and the nights’ are longer

Considered as a means of celebrating the age old Chinese traditions, the Winter Solstice also known as the Dongzhi Festival is a traditional Chinese festival celebrated in all parts of China. A time spent getting together with the family the Winter Solstice usually falls on the 21st or the 22nd of December, where the daytimes are the shortest and night-time longest. Though it is not declared an official holiday, farmers and the fishermen take up the time to reunite with their families during the festival. Visitors to China can find accommodation in Xian, many hotels and apartments in the region provides one with a stay in close proximity to special meeting & event venues as well as entertainment and shopping hubs. Citadines Gaoxin Xi’an is one such noteworthy option that is often considered by travellers visiting China. During the Dongzhi Festival people who are reuniting eat tangyuan which is occasionally coloured in bright colours and cooked in sweet or savoury broth as a symbol reunion, wholeness and unity. Those living in the Northern parts of China also eat dumplings, a food which originated during the Han Dynasty. Though it is not a holiday many locals celebrate the festival up to date.