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World’s biggest gambling hub reopens for business

Back to life after a while!

Macau is considered as the gambling hub of Asia, but it also had to become a silent city due to COVID- 19. This was a huge challenge to the Casino operators because they were facing daily losses of over $15m.

Jakub Hałun20091003 Macau 6629CC BY-SA 4.0

But, travel restrictions are slowly in the process of being lifted and this is like to have made the casino operators feel a sense of relief after a while. Individuals and group visitors from China will be first allowed to come to Macau, according to the National Immigration Administration Authority of China, but every process will be governed by strict health and safety guidelines. All Macau five-star hotels the likes of Hotel Okura Macau will be looking forward to welcoming guests again and to serve them with all their world-class hospitality.