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Zanzibar Announces Plans For $1.3bn Skyscraper – Plans For Great Infrastructural Developments

With a massive investment of $1.3bn, Zanzibar has set up plans to build up a skyscraper in its glorious country. Once built, this will be titled the tallest skyscraper in Africa. The proposed Zanzibar Domino Commercial Tower will comprise 70 floors and this will also have a man-made island facilitating cruise ships. It will also be home to over 500 apartments, a golf course, and many other novel elements.

While inviting many foreign investors to invest in this project, it is believed that this huge investment will also be strengthening the travel and tourism sector. Every Zanzibar beach resort the likes of The Residence Zanzibar is most likely to be glad to hear about this massive investment as that this will also be a main point of attraction in the country that will help greatly in uplifting the tourism sector.