Angkor Ultra Trail – A Race Back in Time

An event that gave runners a unique opportunity to witness the historical and grand heritage of Cambodia, the annual Angkor Ultra Trail race drew to a close early this year. This popular race features a route that goes past the well known Angkor complex, which a World Heritage Site in Siem Reap. Things to do are vast and varied at this destination for non-participants too with such accommodation options as Anantara Angkor Resort providing easy access to the famed ruins where you can also witness part of next year’s race edition scheduled for January. Angkor Ultra Trail is actually made up of four races with the extreme level of difficulty being a 128 km trail followed by a 64 km and 32 km trail and a 32 km Nordic walking trail as well. Set amidst ancient ruins, impressive temples, quaint villages and idyllic landscapes, the Angkor Ultra Trail is set to continue to provide runners with a unique combination of endurance and sightseeing thrills.