Asalha Puja and Katina – A sacred Buddhist holiday

The 8th full moon of the year is considered a very sacred day for Buddhist devotees around the world. It is said to be the celebration of when the Bodhisattva Siddhartha came to Patisandhi’s (His mother) womb. Also, the occasion where the Buddha left family life behind is remembered on this day. The first sermon that Buddha gave to the five ascetics called ‘Dhammacakkappavatana Sutta’, so in some parts of the world the holiday is known as ‘Dhammacakkappavatana Day’.
Some devotees travel all the way to Bodhgaya in India as this place is of utmost significance to Buddhists. Oaks Bodhgaya which is a modern Bodhgaya hotel is present as accommodation options for those visitors coming in. The faithful usually visit the temple with offerings of flowers and engage in other religious rituals. Offerings of ‘vassaavaasika’ are also given to monks in the temple.