Increase in UK tourist arrival for the Maldives – Making way for another goal

Chi KingCocoa Island (Maldives)-5CC BY 2.0

In recent times the Maldives has seen a rise in the number of tourist arrivals. The figures recorded show that UK travellers have increased by 11.2% this year compared to last year. Numbers displayed to show that there have been 57,535 arrivals in total from January to June 2018.  This is clearly a significant increase from last year’s 51,737 arrivals in the same period.

Resorts in Maldives have also benefited by this increase in UK tourists, Niyama Private Islands Maldives is one such example. Furthermore, the Maldives plans on securing its spot as the most popular holiday destination for the UK. The Maldives hopes to achieve this by setting up 23 more resorts on the island. The destination is also known as ‘Indian Ocean’s Best Spa Destination’ (a title earned at the World Spa Awards) and the ‘Best Honeymoon Destination’ at the Luxury Lifestyle Magazine Readers’ Travel Awards.