Keo Pagoda Festival 2015

Located in Vu Nhat commune, Thai province, Keo Pagoda is one of the greatest pagodas that was built in the 17th century to honour a famous monk named Duong Khong Lo, whose name has been recorded in important historical books. He was originally a fisherman who later converted to Buddhism and attended Nirvana. He is known to have cured King Ly Thanh Tong by using his magical powers for which he was honoured as the teacher of princes. Paying gratitude for the monk’s favour, the king had Nghiem Quang Pagoda built which was later renamed as Than Quang (Keo Pagoda).

The Keo Pagoda festival is an annual festival held for three days from 13th to 15th of 9th lunar month in veneration of Duong Khong Lo. The festival begins 100 days after the famous monk’s death and ends one day after his birthday. There are a number of Ho Chi Minh apartments such as Vista Residences that caters to those who visit the city during the festival time.