Love Seafood 2018 – A Month-Long Celebration Underway

Image by mp1746 via Pixabay

If you love seafood in all its scintillating and fresh goodness, then Love Seafood 2018 in Port Stephens, Australia is an event you simply cannot miss. Spanning the entire month of August, this food-centred celebration gives visitors a chance to dine on some of the best seafood dishes in the country at venues across Port Stephens. Accommodation options are readily available for those heading to this area in New South Wales.

Seafood lovers have a chance to enjoy fish, mud crabs, oysters, prawns, shellfish, lobsters and more, part of the choicest seafood creations that are a foodie highlight in Port Stephens. The Love Sea Food Weekend Celebration is scheduled from 18th to 19th August at Broughton’s on D’Albora Marina, within a 10 minute drive from Oaks Pacific Blue Resort. Additionally, the special Seafood and Semillon Dinner will take place on 31st August. Other events and activities of Love Seafood 2018 include oyster tasting and shucking, cooking demonstrations and lunch and dinner galas.