Singapore offers the most powerful passport – New Passport Index power ranking

The Passport Index ranked Singapore with the most powerful passport in the whole world! This means that anyone with a Singaporean passport can now travel to 159 countries, by either gaining vias on arrival or without the need for one at all. Germany followed close behind with a passport score of 158. Tourists mostly stayed at Park Hotel Clarke Quay and other similar Clarke Quay hotels in Singapore due to its convenient location in the city. It was said that Singapore constantly worked towards building their passport strength ever since gaining independence in 1965.

Some of the passports in Asia that made it to the Top 20 list of powerful passports include Malaysia, Japan and South Korea. Unsurprisingly, the US dropped dramatically down the list ever since the president of the USA, Donald Trump took office, with countries such as Turkey and the Central African Republic removing the visa-free status for American passport holders.