‘So Sri Lanka’ Becomes the Country’s Latest Tourism Tagline – Promoting Paradise

Last month Sri Lanka launched the newest tagline, ‘So Sri Lanka’ which will be used in all current and upcoming promotion campaigns. The tagline was unveiled at the World Travel Market in London and is hoped to attract more visitors to Sri Lanka. Holidays in the island have become popular amongst tourists be they after cultural experiences, beachside getaways or wildlife safaris, offered by local tour specialists the likes of Nkar Travel House.

Image by Astronomyinertia, Hikkaduwa1, CC BY-SA 3.0

The promotion of ‘So Sri Lanka’ is currently being used in various campaigns; special focus is being given to digital channels and social media which have the power to reach larger audiences and on a wider scale. The new slogan which was a concept developed by advertising agency JWT (J. Walter Thompson) will tie in with a global promotion campaign expected to be launched in March 2019 at the renowned travel trade fair, ITB Berlin.