‘So Sri Lanka’ campaign to enter Germany via ITB 2019 – Moving beyond the ‘wonder of Asia’

Dr. M. Sheppard, Dickwella-Beach Pehambiya-Headland Southern Sri-Lanka, CC BY-SA 3.0

Anybody who has visited Sri Lanka once will not hesitate to visit again due to its beauty, warmth, friendly people and breathtaking attractions. It comprises all requirements to be one of the world’s best tourist destinations with absolute peace, breathtaking scenery, archaeological sites and some of the exciting Sri Lanka tours covered by local tour operators such as Walkers Tours. Moving beyond from the tagline “the wonder of Asia”, Sri Lanka has created its new brand identity for tourism called ‘So Sri Lanka’ evoking freshness, authenticity, and absolute simplicity. Also, this brand platform has an engaging design to reflect the individuality of the country. With an aim of launching the newly launched tagline, Sri Lanka is looking forward to participating in the global promotion campaign next March, at ITB Berlin 2019.