Sri Lanka Expertising in Creating Paper Without Environmental Pollution


Elephants in Sri Lanka are highly celebrated, the density of the elephant population in Sri Lanka is high with almost 5000 of these magnificent beasts found Island wide. They are found in, but not limited to, Yala, Uduwalawe National Park, Wilpattu, etc. Pinnawala is a small village located in the district of Kegalle, this is where the manufacturing products out of elephant dung began, in 1997. Elephant dung is full of fiber, because only 45-50% of what it consumes is digested. 10kg of elephant poop can make roughly around 600-700 sheets of A4 paper.

To witness this unique process, SoulTrek has a range of travel packages, such as the likes of Responsible Travel Sri Lanka. The company that started the process now has a revenue of almost Rs. 19 million, with a global clientele.

File:Sri Lanka Elephants.JPG
Anton Croos, Sri Lanka Elephants, CC BY-SA 4.0

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Such eco-friendly measures are seen as vital and have influenced change in the travel and hospitality industry as well. Local tour operators the likes of SoulTrek look to promote responsible travel in Sri Lanka in a collaborative effort with travellers to help in conservation.


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Pinnawala is, in fact, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the island and is included on travel itineraries by local tour specialists like SoulTrek; such companies also promote responsible travel in Sri Lanka which is hoped to encourage eco-friendly practices amongst travellers as well.