Sri Lanka Wildlife Department launches e-pass for national parks to control overcrowding – An improved quality of service

Sri Lanka boasts a vast number of national parks, each of them housing varied wildlife. Despite contributing largely to the tourism industry in the country, the Department of Wildlife Conservation has taken steps towards decreasing the crowds that enter these parks on a daily basis.

Casey Klebba, Sri-lankan-leopard-yala-casey-klebba, CC BY-SA 4.0

Whilst in Sri Lanka, travel is made easy with operators such as Nkar Travel House. Nevertheless, do keep in mind that since the introduction on the e-pass for parks, the reservation quota for each park has a limit therefore once the limit is reached, the e-permits close. A self-serving kiosk at the entrance will issue the thermal ticket to the visitor once verification of the online e-permit is completed. If you do plan on visiting a national park in Sri Lanka, it’s best you make your online reservation early.