Vinitaly in Verona – The place for wine enthusiasts

Image Credit- Pixabay,photomix-company,CC0

To be held from the 7th – 10th April 2019, the International Wine and Spirits Exhibition is scheduled to happen in Verona, Italy. This is the 53rd edition of this exhibition, happening in a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you’re interested in the largest wine exhibition in the world, it’s best to contact tour operators in Sri Lanka and add this into your itinerary when discussing with the company, such as Mack trip.

This event features vineyards and wines from all parts of the country, displaying their unique collections of breweries. A chance to network with potential clients, top food industrialists and wine loving fans from all over the globe. The event also showcases products from the meat, poultry & seafood, food & beverage industries.