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African Destinations to Focus on Domestic Tourism instead of International – Importance of Domestic Travellers

With the increase of the COVID-19 pandemic, many giants in the tourism industry have started focusing on their domestic markets. Although some countries launched immediate campaigns to attract locals into their holiday destinations, for other countries, things weren’t looking on the bright side. Particularly in tourism-reliant countries in Africa, the travel restrictions meant humongous losses for their continent-wide GDP each year. However, domestic mobility hasn’t been a strong suit of the African population – people have been more comfortable with international travelling. To solve this issue, South African Tourism has developed a campaign to encourage locals to travel more. To support this cause, Mozambique beach hotels the likes of Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort have offered exclusive offers as well.

Many Africans see travel as something to be done overseas. The time has arrived to pay attention to the local customer base, instead of the high-spending international travellers.