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Benh LIEU SONG, Bangkok Night

Architect 20 Expo – A World-Class Architectural Exhibition!

The Architect ’20 Expo is back as it has been every year since 1968!

To be held at the IMPACT Exhibition Centre in Pak Kret, Thailand, this year’s Architectural Technology and Building Materials Exhibition will strive on following in the footsteps of and surpassing the standards set by the Expo in 2019. In the previous event, over 442, 106 visitors came together from all over Thailand and the world ensuring great opportunities where potential buyers and businesses could establish meaningful alliances.

Banphot Nuchleang (Octahedron80), IMPACT Arena, CC BY 3.0

The event, which will run from the 7th to the 12th of July is expected to garner 450,000 visitors and 850 exhibitors. Thanks to Thailand’s quick recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and flights in and out of the country being established as normal, these numbers can be expected to remain as high as anticipated. Participants and exhibitors alike can stay in hygienic and luxurious hotels such as Maitria Rama 9 Hotel as well as explore the country and eat from the best Thai restaurant in Bangkok.