Bali Takes Measures to Control Plastic Waste – Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Bali is taking concerted steps to combat the serious problem of plastic waste generation and improper disposal which is posing a serious threat to the environment and the tourism industry. The findings of The Bali Partnership has brought to light that over half of Bali’s rubbish ends up either in the ocean, waterways or polluting the land. This problem is made worse by the sad fact that each year 33,000 tons of plastic waste generated from the island, finds its way to the ocean.

Change, however, is in the works with the island pledging a 70% reduction of ocean plastics by 2025. As part of such positive changes, in June this year, Bali also enforced a ban on single-use plastics including straws, bags and polystyrene. Since last year, Seminyak beach resort properties the likes of Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort have also independently launched such initiatives by banning the use of plastic straws.