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Best Festivals in Vietnam – Celebrations to look forward to

Vietnam is a wonderful holiday destination and what’s even better is the local culture. For those who are fans of culture, the best way to experience Vietnamese culture is to arrive here in time for one of the many festivals celebrated here.

The celebrations begin with the Lunar Festival which is the most important one of all and takes place somewhere around January and February. This is grandly celebrated as it is also known as the Lunar New Year! The temples are abuzz with people lighting joss sticks and paying homage to the Buddha. The Hue Festival, Perfume Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, the Hung King Temple Festival and many more are scheduled through out the entire year. Serviced apartments Ho Chi Minh City District 1 may even have special deals going on for the festivals. Opt for hotels like Somerset Ho Chi Minh City which are centrally located so you can access festivities easily.