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Bonfire Night Firework Displays in London – Sparkles and Historic Celebrations

rosk PhotoThe annual Guy Fawkes celebrations in London commemorate the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 when Guy Fawkes and his associates planned to destroy the Houses of Parliament and assassinate King James the First on November 5th. On this day each year, London’s skies light up with the sparkle of colourful fireworks and men, women and children gather around bonfires to burn effigies of ‘Guy’. Tourist too can join in the fun to witness this national celebration to watch the fireworks illuminate the skies while enjoying delicious food and beverages from the stalls; these stalls are set up in various parks across London where music and various fun family activities too will combine to ensure a good time for all. The Guy Fawkes Day is an ideal way to end a stay at a London luxury hotel such as the properties of COMO Hotels & Resorts, while experiencing this unique celebration.