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Carnival Celebrations In The Caribbean – It’s a festive season!

The Caribbean is known for hosting many colourful and glamourous carnival celebrations throughout the year. Many travellers have a habit of flying via interCaribbean Airways to this region with their friends and families to see these festive celebrations when the carnival season begins. Some celebrations are backed with traditional beliefs and ancient myths, so travellers get the chance to be educated and gain some knowledge too while enjoying the ever-wonderful carnival sessions.

In November, the region will have the Saint Kitts Carnival and December will have many carnival celebrations including the Saint Croix Crucian Christmas Carnival, Bahamas Junkanoo, Montserrat Carnival, and Turks and Caicos Junkanoo Jump Up. Visiting the Caribbean Islands during this season will be a great idea as all these carnivals are filled with music, dance, drama, and fun. Through the costumes and other props they use, travellers will also understand how vibrant the Caribbean culture is.