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Changi Airport to Implement Passport-Free Systems – Changing the Travel Trade

One of the busiest airports in the world, Changi Airport in Singapore, is beginning to change the way normal travel processes work with the implementation of biometrics. As part of the efforts to develop and manage the traffic at the airport, government representatives went on to state that the plan so far is to introduce the technologies in early 2024, having immigration officers ease their workloads and plan for future traffic to the airport.

This step will reduce the need for any passengers at the airport to present their travel documents throughout their stay, from luggage deposit to boarding, making the transitions for said passengers streamlined – but this isn’t the only reason for this to be implemented. It is also part of the overhaul of the country’s immigration law and is coupled with the expansion efforts of the airport itself. How this will affect businesses like a hotel near Bugis such as the Hotel 81 Lavender remains unexplored – as do its effects on tourism-related industries.