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China Opens up to More Foreign Investment – A Benefit to Global Post-pandemic Tourism

As highlighted in the Global Times news website in June this year, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in China has eased previous ownership limits for local entertainment venues; foreign investors can now not only invest in entertainment-related companies but wholly own them too. They will have the same approval procedures as local investors and will be treated equally on par with private and state-owned enterprises.

While such measures will help support global post-pandemic tourism, China’s robust domestic tourism sector is also key; in the first six months of 2021, domestic trips totaling 1.871 billion were made in China and this eagerness to travel will no doubt fuel trips to other countries as borders begin to reopen. Additionally, China is expected to draw many travellers as well when its borders reopen for tourists; from 5-star hotels in China that follow stringent health and hygiene measures such as Pan Pacific Ningbo to diverse attractions and entertainment options, the country will no doubt encourage more global travel too.