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[email protected] in Singapore Now Open

A Unique Space for Business Travellers

Facilitating face to face business meetings and the first of its kind in the world, [email protected] launched in February this year in Singapore; it allows short-stay corporate travellers to temporarily reside at this specially designed space without the need to undergo quarantine. While here, they will be able to meet with local or international counterparts in meeting rooms that have airtight glass panels as well as the latest facilities including videoconferencing options.

Apart from fostering safe business travel, Singapore is hoping to once again become a global business hub as it looks to get back on track following the COVID-19 pandemic. [email protected] welcomed the first batch of travellers in March 2021, with guests arriving from various destinations including Japan, the United Arab Emirates, France and Germany. Strict health measures are in place and periodic testing will also be carried out ensuring the safety of all.