Elephant Safaris in Sri Lanka becomes more popular – A journey with a majestic beast

Image Credits: Amila Tennakoon, flickrCC BY 2.0

The Elephant Safaris in Sri Lanka is popular among tourists from all around the world. Most of the tourists head over to Habarana to experience a safari ride due to its central location close to the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka. During the Elephant Back Safari season in Habarana which lasted from March to August this year, a large number of tourists were keen on experiencing a wonderful ride on the back of a gentle giant. Tourists who visited this part of the country had plenty of accommodation options to chose from. Amongst many Habarana hotels the likes of Cinnamon Lodge Habarana is an excellent venue from where tourists can map out a wonderful safari to witness the sights of historical attractions and exotic wildlife. The growing concern among tourists to experience Elephant Safaris in Sigiriya and Habarana areas shows promising results in Sri Lanka’s tourism growth.