Empowering women with financial independence by closing the investment gap – encouraging more investments

Women, in Sri Lanka, as a result of coming from a strong cultural background where the woman is expected to devote her time purely towards her family and the house has resulted in women being backward. However, recently women are trying their best not to succumb to this one role. Instead, they’ve ventured into the job market and have taken the role of earning for both themselves and the family.

At a conference held by John Keells Properties, the Chief Marketing Officer stated that 16% of their customers for apartments in Colombo Sri Lanka and various such products in the real estate industry are women. This is a huge improvement compared to the mere 9% that was seen in 2004. She also states that it is not about playing it safe and not taking risks, but the lack of knowledge that discourages women from investing their money. JKP hopes that better education about investment being made available to all may help bridge this gap in the future.