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“Encounters” Exhibition at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Sri Lanka

The “Encounters” exhibition is continuing to be showcased at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Sri Lanka. The museum which opened this year is the latest attraction in Colombo and is located within Crescat Boulevard, a mall managed exclusively by John Keells Properties, a leading developer of real estate. Sri Lanka is a great place to visit for art lovers who can take in the second rotation of Encounters which will run till 13th November 2022.

Centred around how the relationship people have with the environment impacts them psychologically and historically, the current exhibition features Gamini Ratnavira’s paintings that were initially commissioned for Cinnamon Lodge Habarana. As part of the exhibition, special events were held last month as well; these included a behind-the-scenes tour where participants were given insights into what was on display, a separate curator’s tour with Sandev Handy and a poetry reading related to the artworks too.