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Galungan Festival

Galungan Festival in Bali – Celebrating the triumph of Good 

Galungan is a significant Balinese holiday that symbolizes the victory of dharma over adharma, embodying the triumph of good over evil in Hindu beliefs. The celebration revolves around the belief that ancestral spirits of deceased relatives visit the Earth during this period, culminating with the departure on the last day, known as Kuningan. Balinese families actively engage in hosting their past ancestors through prayers and offerings within their homes, showcasing their responsibility to be hospitable and welcoming.

In Bali, Galungan is a spiritual homage to the God of creation, Ida Sang Hyang Widi and is rooted in Hindu traditions. Through elaborate rituals and cultural practices, the Balinese community expresses their devotion to the divine while honoring their ancestors, and even the best luxury resorts in Bali may represent this holiday as part of the culture, at resorts such as the Nirjhara.