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Gulf Expo Qatar 2020 Set for October

Broadening Academic Horizons

The fall edition of Gulf Expo 2020 is set to begin in October and will include a visit to Doha, Qatar. At present, it has been tentatively set for 13th October 2020, though those planning on attending should check the official site ( closer to the date. The event will provide an invaluable opportunity for students wishing to pursue their higher studies a chance to meet with representatives from various private universities, state and trade schools and community colleges from America.

Those from the region staying at hotels in Doha, Qatar including well-placed properties like Al Najada Doha Hotel by Tivoli can also consider attending to find out more about the diverse academic opportunities available. Organised by the International Student Network (ISN), this event is known for providing visitors with a chance to meet with guidance counsellors from universities and those involved in offering government scholarships.