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Hanuman Jayanti – An Important Day for the Hindus in India

Hanuman Jayanthi is quite a significant day for the devotees of Lord Hanuman and it is usually celebrated on the full moon day of Chaitra month. This year, Hanuman Jayanti falls on April 27th, and many celebrations will be held to celebrate the birth anniversary of Lord Hanuman. This deity is also referred to as Bajrang Bali or Vanara God. There is no agreement on the exact date of Hanuman Jayanti and followers of this faith celebrate this date as per their regional beliefs or the type of calendar followed.

Those who will be based at an apartment near Chennai CBD the likes of Somerset Greenways Chennai around this day can look forward to witnessing the celebrations associated with Hanuman Jayanti. On this day, devotees flock toward various religious gatherings and carry out processions. They also perform various rituals offering red cloth, vermilion, and flowers.