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Lesotho Celebrates Its Independence Next Month – Key Events in the Capital

On 4th October 2022, the Kingdom of Lesotho in Africa will celebrate its Independence Day which is a time of much joy and celebration. This day marks the moment in time back in 1966 when the country, then known as Basutoland, was officially granted its independence from Britain; at the time, Moshoeshoe II was the monarch, while Chief Leabua Jonathan was the prime minister.

Today, the nation’s king and prime minister continue to play a major role in Independence Day events, especially in the capital, Maseru. Travellers planning to visit the city during this time can consider accommodation at properties like Avani Lesotho Hotel & Casino; for those based at such a well-located hotel, Lesotho sightseeing adventures can easily be enjoyed as well. Amongst the highlights one may witness on Independence Day are flag-raising ceremonies, vibrant processions and parades as well as cultural programmes with dancers and singers from local districts.