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LKI Promotes Sri Lanka as a Prominent Tourist Destination: Rhythm of Paradise

During a panel discussion titled ‘Sri Lanka as a Destination: From Antiquity to Modernity,’ Ambassador Ravinatha Aryasinha emphasised the crucial role of ‘cultural diplomacy’ in positioning Sri Lanka globally and emphasised the need to recognise and leverage cultural diversity for tourism promotion.

Aryasinha underscored cultural diplomacy as a potent force fostering mutual understanding in our interconnected and interdependent world. The event, part of ‘Rhythms of Paradise’ – the cultural spectacle of ‘Galle Concerto 2024’ – aimed to showcase of Sri Lankan coastline in the south for tourism and celebrate the nation’s timeless cultural, natural heritage and excellent hospitality. A beach resort in Galle the likes of KK Beach Galle are instrumental in these showcasings, as they are representative of the immense service provided by the hospitality industry. Emeritus Professor of Pali and Buddhist Studies Professor Asanga Tilakaratne from the University of Colombo, vividly depicted ancient Serendib from Roman times, narrating how Sri Lanka emerged as a significant entity in world history. Renowned Sri Lankan author Ameena Hussein, participating virtually, delved into the documented history of the island by Arab travellers, offering a historical journey through her recent book ‘Visitors from the Arab World: Ibn Battuta in Sri Lanka.’